The writing "Ein Blick in eine andere Welt und Das Versagen der Menschheit" ("A Glimpse into another World and The Failure of Mankind") is now available in book form (in German).
It is the short version that is to speak to those human beings who already recognise in their innermost being that there is something amiss with the world. They sense that the individual in his development is shaped by a controlled society, despite freedom and self-determination … and they ask themselves: Am I really free!? 
Hereby it concerns human beings who consider neither churches nor politicians nor the sciences capable of bringing a solution to their questions. However, in their search for answers they close themselves to everything that is new, because they fear becoming entangled in sects. Yes, still they sense, a shadow has placed itself over the Truth, even when it is said: Only he who seeks finds!
Now the path thereto was once again cleared from out of the Light, so that every human spirit without religious dogma can be shown a direction that leads it to the Truth. This booklet can accompany it on this way, only for this purpose was it written.