Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin, Edition 1941

Sequence of Lectures

The Grail Message »In the Light of Truth« as composed 1940/1941 by Abd-ru-shin in the Complete Version

2.   Resurrection morn
3.   Ethereal briars
4.   Class consciousness, social order
5.   Strive for conviction!
6.   Man, how do you stand!
7.   Let Easter arise within you!
8.   Disappointments
9.   Distrust
10. The power of the language
11. Easter 1934
12. The Mountain of Salvation
13. Pentecost
14. Everything must become new!
15. The Living Word
16. The Great Purification
17. The Flame of the Disciple
18. Forerunners
19. When the need is greatest, God's help is nearest to you!
20. The gulf of selfish desires
21. Purifying flames
22. The longing that brings salvation
23. What seek ye?
24. The call for the helper
25. The Antichrist
26. Morality
27. Awake!
28. Silence
29. Ascent
30. Cult
31. Rigidity
32. Childlikeness
33. Chastity
34. The first step
35. The World
36. The Star of Bethlehem
37. The conflict
38. Modern psychic science
39. Wrong courses
40. What separates so many from the Light today?
41. Once upon a time...!
42. Errors
43. The human word
44. The woman of Subsequent Creation
45. Submission
46. Indolence of the spirit
47. Earthman before his God
48. All that is dead in Creation shall be awakened, so that it may pass judgment upon itself!
49. The Book of Life
50. The Millennium
51. A necessary word
52. The great Comet
53. The World Teacher
54. The Stranger
55. Salvation! Redemption!
56. The Language of the Lord
57. Responsibility
58. Fate
59. The creation of man
60. Man in Creation
61. Hereditary sin
62. God
63. The inner voice
64. The religion of love
65. The Redeemer
66. The mystery of birth
67. Is occult training advisable?
68. Spiritism
69. Earthbound
70. Does sexual continence further spiritual development?
71. Thought-forms
72. Watch and pray!
73. Marriage
74. The claim of children on their parents
75. Prayer
76. The Lord's Prayer
77. The worship of God
78. Man and his free will
79. Ideal human beings
80. Cast all your guilt upon him!
81. The crime of hypnotism
82. Astrology
83. Symbolism in the fate of man
84. Faith
85. Earthly possessions
86. Death
87. Departed this life!
88. Miracles
89. Baptism
90. The Holy Grail
91. The mystery of Lucifer
92. The regions of Darkness and Damnation
93. The regions of Light and Paradise
94. World events
95. The difference in origin of man and animal
96. The separation between mankind and science
97. Spirit
98. The development of Creation
99. I am the Lord thy God!
100. The immaculate conception and the birth of the Son of God
101. The crucifixion of the Son of God and the Lord's Supper
102. Come down from the Cross!
103. This is My body! This is My blood!
104. The resurrection of Christ's physical body
105. Human opinions and God's Will in the Law of Reciprocal Action
106. The Son of Man
107. The significance of man's generative power for his spiritual ascent
108. I am the Resurrection and the Life, no man cometh to the Father but by me!
109. Gross matter, ethereal matter, radiations, space and time
110. The error about clairvoyance
111. Various aspects of clairvoyance
112. In the realm of demons and phantoms
113. Occult training, meat diet or vegetable diet
114. Healing by magnetism
115. Live in the present!
116. What must a man do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
117. Thou beholdest the mote that is in thy brother's eye and considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye!
118. Warfare in Nature
119. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
120. Sex
121. Is old age an obstacle to spiritual ascent?
122. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!
123. The Gods, Olympus and Valhalla
124. The creature that is man
125. And a thousand years are as one day!
126. Intuitive perception
127. Life
128. In the land of twilight
129. Ponderers
130. Voluntary martyrs, religious fanatics
131. Servants of God
132. The instinct of animals
133. The kiss of friendship
134. The distorted tool
135. The child
136. Woman and her vocation
137. Omnipresence
138. Christ said...!
139. Motion - a Law of Creation
140. The physical body
141. The mystery of the blood
142. Temperament
143. Behold, man, how you should wander through this Creation so that threads of Fate will not hinder but further your ascent!
144. A new law
145. Duty and loyalty
146. The beauty of the peoples
147. It is finished!
148. At the boundary of gross matter
149. The recognition of God
150. The name
151. Substantiality
152. The little elemental beings
153. In the gross material workshop of the elemental beings
154. A soul wanders
155. Woman and man
156. Distorted souls
157. Man's spirit guide
158. Threads of Light above you!
159. The Primordial Queen
160. The cycle of radiations
161. Shun the Pharisees!
162. Possessed
163. Ask, and it shall be given unto you!
164. Thanks
165. Let there be Light!
166. Unsubstantiate
167. Christmas
168. Do not fall in temptation!
169. The family bond
170. The intimate home
171. Believers merely out of habit
172. Consider what is of benefit to you!
173. Omniscience
174. The weak sex
175. The destroyed bridge
176. The Guardian of the Flame
177. Survey of Creation
178. Soul
179. Nature
180. Spirit-germs
181. Germs originating from Animistic Substance
182. The Ring of Animistic Substantiality
183. The Primordial Spiritual Planes I
184. The Primordial Spiritual Planes II
185. The Primordial Spiritual Planes III
186. The Primordial Spiritual Planes IV
187. The Primordial Spiritual Planes V
188. The Primordial Spiritual Planes VI
189. The Primordial Spiritual Planes VII
190. Epilogue: How the Message should be absorbed